badam milk recipe | almond milk recipe | badam doodh recipe |Homemade badam milk | badam shake

badam milk recipe | almond milk recipe | badam doodh recipe | Homemade badam milk- badam milk shake

*soak 1 cup (60 ml)badam
(approx. 30 badam)
in hot water for 30 mins.
or soak over night

*peel off the skin of badam 

*in a saucepan take 500 ml
full cream milk and boil.
stirring occasionally.

*take 1 cup (60 ml)

*in a blender take badam
and add 1 cup (60ml) milk
and blend to smooth paste.

*once milk boiled
add prepared badam
paste and mix well.

*add few thread saffron

*add 6 tsp sugar
or to taste.mix well.

*add 1/4 tsp cardamom
powder and mix well.

*boil on low flame for
8-10 mins or till milk
keep stirring.

*badam milk is ready.
serve hot or chilled

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