Epic Chinese New Year – Epic Meal Time

It’s the year of the pig and to celebrate we made two giant pig egg rolls. Happy Chinese New Year!!!

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Epic Chinese New Year – Epic Meal Time


  1. LeDocteurGonzo says:

    Les cheveux !

  2. theKneeArrowTaker says:

    What are you guys gonna do for the year of the dog?

  3. kusherito Kusher says:

    OMG still delicious <3 Please don't know if you did. please fat tortilla

  4. Katie Marigold says:

    I like it when I see an Epic Meal Time video pop up. Now I can see what’s good with Harley and his boys. I have no complaints here. Except, maybe longer videos.

    Also more Harley vlogs. Where Andee at?? 🤷

  5. CanYouFindTheWay says:

    That low-key Gilette parody at the beginning lol

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