Ghana Nkate Cake Recipe

Nkatie or Nkate or Nkateɛ is the Ghanaian local Twi name for Peanuts. When peanuts is roasted and grindered in a powder form and added to melted sugar in a cooking pot, it becomes hard, brittle and therefore it is called Nkatie Cake. The cake stands for it hardness. That is a Ghanaian way of saying something is hard. Nkatie Cake main ingredients are Peanuts and sugar.
The peanut, also known as groundnut, goober or monkey nut are Arachis hypogaea, which is a legume crop mainly grown for it edible seeds. It is widely grown in tropics and subtropics on a small or large scale.
Nkatie Cake or Nkate Cake is normally sold in Ghanaian schools, market, festivals and churches

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