Keto Microwave Brownie | 2-Minute Low-Carb Mug Brownie Recipe

Full Recipe:

Quick, easy 2-minute keto mug brownie that you can make in the microwave. 1-serving, no eggs needed! Check the full recipe for the macros.

Make your own sugar-free chocolate chips here:

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What is erythritol? What are sugar-alcohols, and why are they better than splenda or other 0-calorie sweeteners? Find out more about all the ingredients I use here:


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  1. Joe Tart says:

    I’ve been making these with 2 eggs, 3 tbs cocoa, little heavy cream, little vanilla, and a little baking powder. This looks more gooey and delicious…I’m going to have to try it!

  2. Alma Lozada says:

    awesome! Can’t wait to try this tonight! 🤗

  3. MisterBassBoost says:

    Great video! Keep it up

  4. Amira says:

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