Prawn Cocktail With Short Crust Pastry | Mallika Joseph Food Tube

A delicious seafood dish, Prawn Cocktail is a perfect party dish. This recipe is easy to make and is extremely yummy too.
This shortcrust pastry is best combination with cocktail and If you’ve never made pastry before, it’s best to start off with shortcrust pastry, the simplest and one of the most widely used pastries
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  1. Usha Thayalan says:

    Very nice. Super mam.

  2. Fasmiya Ibrahim says:

    Delicious well presented…also easy,quick and simple recipe to enjoy…thanks a lot….

  3. Lasanthi De Silva says:

    Really good one..we have eaten this type of things in hotels and at dinner nights only..was not knowing how to make these..thank u very much…I will try this for sure…

  4. Dilantha Rajapaksha says:

    Very useful ideas

  5. Stella T says:

    I love your horns! Really pretty:)
    Please upload date cookies (or date rolls) thank you!

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