Cucumber-Moong Salad: For the Cool Ones!

Cucumber-Moong Salad: For the Cool Ones!

Isn’t it great that eating raw food has so many benefits for your mental health too?
Get ready to bust stress!
Gear up for the World Health Day “Go Raw Challenge”!
#WorldHealthDay #GoRaw #GoRawChallenge

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  1. Geetika Lohani says:

    Looks great! But can we have just soaked raw moong daal? Is it digestible at this stage?

  2. Ramya Krishnamurthy says:

    Good old Kosambari! Let’s call it that! 🙂

  3. Gopi Nath says:

    This is called Kosambari in Karnataka, and is a must on meals at most of the households, You could have put the dish name as Kosambari in addition to Salad.

  4. Vinay Amdhare says:

    Recepies were most needed thing on Isha channel.

  5. Abhishek Tiwari says:

    A playlist for all your food recipes would be great.

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