Deep Fried McDonald’s 50x – Epic Meal Time

This week on Epic Meal Time we take the classic McDouble from McDonald’s and deep fry it 50 times!!! This advance culinary technique created the best tasting cheeseburger ever!

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Deep Fried McDouble 50x – Epic Meal Time


  1. Tickling Turkey says:

    The funny thing is there is actually a reason why they made this ‘recipe’ specifically and that’s cause the last time they did a deep fry 50 times it got 2.7 million views in just a couple months when most of there videos don’t even crack 1 mill. Check mate B🍆

  2. Jessie Ann says:

    I swear it always looks good but you guys are LIT AS FUCK

  3. Liam West says:

    Is harly high when filming this? I feel like he always is

  4. MrDoobieMasta says:

    ahead of time with that mysterio picture

  5. Ross Hixon says:

    Why didnt i think of get ripped n cook… 🤦🏻‍♂️

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