How To Make Cake In Pressure Cooker – Without Oven Cake Recipe – Chocolate Cake Recipe

Chocolate cake in Pressure Cooker. How To Make Cake In Pressure Cooker and without Oven Cake Recipe by Kitchen with Amna. A Step by Step Easy and Quick Recipe Video Pressure Cooker without oven Chocolate Cake at Home.





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  1. Huzefa Dayanji says:

    Zabsrdast api aap bhut acha bnati h maasha allah zabrrrr

  2. Prince Adnan says:

    1 2 days tk

  3. Prince Adnan says:

    amna api ap mjhe sagg banana sikha day gi plzzz

  4. Ahtisham G says:

    last me kya lagya ap ne

  5. Priyagrahi Panigrahi says:

    jo plate rakha apna pressure cooker mai broken nai hua?

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